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Elevating Their Impact

Elevating Their Impact highlights non-profits making sustainable impacts on systemic issues around the world. We bring impactful stories of organizations and their clients to you each week as well as ways to support them as a volunteer and financially.

Aug 16, 2022

Haven for Birth is a nonprofit organization that addresses the discrepancy in maternal mortality and morbidity across race. This innovative organization works to safely reduce harmful risks to BIPOC birthers and their babies during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period, by providing culturally appropriate and continuous doula care for pregnant people who would not otherwise have the resources to pay for it. Join us today as Liz Kennish and Heidi Jones, the co-founders of Haven for Birth, share with us the impact their organization is having on BIPOC women in their community and a new program they are starting that will meet the increasing need for birthing support in the LGBTQ+ community.